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Correction on Sarge Installer

I'm looking for something really particular. I'm trying to correct the debian sarge installation script and maybe adapt it to archive.debian.org as it's main mirror. It seems when the installation script was created the developper didn't have in mind that the "mirror tree" would change. You can enter information of your mirror manually however right after wiping the disk ( when debotstrap try to get the release.gpg ) it try to get the file there :
when it should look there
I think it's a simple variable or maybe it was staticly coded in the installer.
I already downloaded the installer via this command :
svn co svn://svn.debian.org/svn/d-i/branches/d-i/sarge

And I search for the word "oldstable" in the installer :
 find /root/debian-installer-sarge -exec grep -q "oldstable" '{}' \; -print >> /root/WhereIsOldStable
But I didn't find anything interesting.
 Does somebody have an idea?

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