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Re: Status of some daily D-I builds

Excerpts from Christian PERRIER's message of Son Nov 07 07:29:17 +0100 2010:
> Quoting Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz@debian.org):
> > > OK, I finally got around to add some mail support to the daily
> > > aggregator script. It only sends a mail if there are old or failed
> > > builds. See the attached patch.
> > 
> > Ping, any comments on this? If the patch looks OK I can commit it to
> > the SVN repo, but it needs someone with d-i group access (Otavio,
> > Christian, ...) to actually activate it on d-i.debian.org.
> I think it's OK to commit, then I'll activate the
> script. Alternatively, we could ask you to be added to the d-i
> group..:-)

This would certainly make fixing stuff easier for me. Then I could do
that myself. What are the rules to add someone to this group?


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