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Bug#598119: Network interface loses IP-address


I have tested the following:
- the debian installer starts normally
- the automatic network configuration with DHCP is successfully
- immediately before partitioning, the LED of my network switch switches
off and on (eth0 switches off and on)
- after partitioning the harddisk, the error message appears
(Debootstrap - Release Dateien konnten nicht heruntergeladen werden)
- executed automatic network configuration with DHCP again (network
configuration was successfully)
- The installation continued normally

In syslog (my message to this bug report at Mon, 25 Oct 2010) at
timestamp 14:11:54, the network interface eth0 was detected again.
I assume, the network interface eth0 loses the IP address at this point.

Why was the network interface eth0 detected twice?

Thank you for the great work.

Kind regards

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