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Bug#602531: PowerPC installation report

> Hi
> Excerpts from Miguel Figueiredo's message of Fre Nov 05 22:06:39 +0100 20=
> 10:
> > If the problem was the missing non free firmware i suggest the bug to b=
> e closed =
> > as we do not distribute non free firmware.
> There is also the clock-setup issue. It should definitely ask the
> clock-setup/utc question when run in expert mode.
> Also if the missing firmware leaves the system in a corrupt state so
> you can't even switch to a text console, this is a bug in the X
> server (xserver-xorg-video-r128). Jonathan can  you confirm that it's
> not possible to switch to a text console after starting the X server
> without the firmware?
 Hi Gaudenz,

 Yes, I was unable to switch to a text console using either C-A-F1 or
the chvt command (after logging in via ssh) -- chvt sat there
unresponsively and I cancelled it after a few minutes.  Also when I
rebooted the corrupted display remained until the end of shutdown.

 Also, at no point did the installer warn me that I was missing this
firmware (which I think it *should* do, even if the firmware isn't
shipped because of being non-free).


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