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Bug#550584: Running flash-kernel automatically from postinst

14:08 < tbm> maks: do you think you could comment on the patch in #550584?
14:11 < tbm> or bwh
14:11 < tbm> I don't have time to look into this :(
14:16 < maks> we can check against DEB_MAINT_PARAMS as postinst of linux-2.6 is directly calling us
14:16 < maks> not sure how this translates for flash-kernel.
14:27 < bwh> tbm: "I wonder if we need any code to make sure flash-kernel is not executed several times when
             updating/installing several kernels at the same
14:27 < bwh>  time"
14:28 < bwh> First you need to decide what the intended result is when multiple kernel packages are installed
14:29 < bwh> Maybe flash-kernel should only run automatically if a single package is installed
14:36 < tbm> I think it should be called, ideally with the highest version number
15:02 < bwh> and how is that defined?
15:06 < tbm> dpkg --compare-versions
15:06 < tbm> is there a way to know which versions are being installed?
15:07 < tbm> in any case, any behaviour is better than what we have now.  which is that flash-kernel doesn't get run when you
             install a kernel package with a new ABI name
15:11 < bwh> There's no way to know which versions are being installed, but you could use a trigger
15:11 < bwh> depends on whether you think it's acceptable to defer the invocation of flash-kernel
15:20 < tbm> a trigger based on what?
15:22 < bwh> based on triggering from your kernel postinst hook
15:23 < tbm> ah ok.  yeah that sounds good to me

Anyway, I don't know anything about triggers and don't have the time
to look into this.

Steve, Joey: can you look into this?
Martin Michlmayr

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