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Bug#593235: New patch

* Thibaut Girka <thib@sitedethib.com> [2010-10-27 00:26]:
> So, here is a new version of the patch.
> Changes:
> - Removed U-Boot env related things (now, I have to unblock this bug)
> - Removed kernel re-compression (useless)
> - Added a quick hack to workaround the padding thing, since #584166
> probably won't be accepted upstream (I'll sort that out later).

Looks good to me.  There were only 2 minor problems:

 - The list of support hardware (in README) should've been updated.
 - Somtimes you added GTA02 as the first device rather than follow
   alphabetical order.

I adjusted this and commited the patch.

Martin Michlmayr

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