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d-i meeting summary - 2010.11.03

2010.11.03 - d-i meeting summary

Meetbot log - http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-boot/2010/debian-
Full IRC log - http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-boot/2010/debian-

Here's a short summary from the meeting:

Current isues:

* Known blockers:
1 - #519254 - Debian Lenny/s390 - unable to boot with a dedicated /boot 
2 - #599203 - data corruption due to os-prober
3 - #589701 - problems with yaboot for powerpc with added controller
4 - issue with initramfs-tools affecting s390
fixed! - #600852 - apt problem due to empty indexes

* Other issues:

* #568877 - lvm2: Hibernation with swap in LVM doesn't work.
* partman-ufs is missing l10n integration.
* kernels from: alpha (2.6.30), sh4 (2.6.32-?), m68k (2.6.26) are lagging 
behing 2.6.32 - zumbi will ping the appropriate lists for help.
* build infrastructure for all arches.
* WPA discussed again: squeeze+1 as it seems to be vapourware and we are on 


* stats from manual need to be integrated with other l10n stats scripts.
* samuel did some refactoring work for installation manual - but kbsd install 
guide needs to be checked also for what doesn't belong there (PXE booting, 
how?, lvm available? how is SMP/UP choice handled?) - we need help on this.
* zumbi will work on documentation regarding using custom kernels (wiki, repo) 
with d-i. [elmig: .oO(errata material...)].

Next d-i release

* It was agreed to release d-i beta2 in week number 45 or 46.
* rootskel to fix speakup issues will be on next release.
* partman-auto with space for a minimum of 2 kernels on / in standard task
* usb3 support

Next meeting

Next meeting will take place in 2 weeks. Details will follow on debian-boot.

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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