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Tentative to get regular statistics for Installation Guide localization


In attempts to get the Debian Installation Guide work to continue
after Frans Pop's loss, I have been working on a small script that
computes the translation statistics for it.

The script's output is below:

XML-based translations - Number of outdated files:
PO-based translations - PO files statistics:
el:2369 translated messages, 39 fuzzy translations, 17 untranslated messages.
es:2423 translated messages, 2 fuzzy translations.
fi:2364 translated messages, 44 fuzzy translations, 17 untranslated messages.
hu:1753 translated messages, 215 fuzzy translations, 457 untranslated messages.
ja:2162 translated messages, 252 fuzzy translations, 11 untranslated messages.
ko:2037 translated messages, 315 fuzzy translations, 73 untranslated messages.
nn:7 translated messages, 17 fuzzy translations, 2401 untranslated messages.
pt:2419 translated messages, 6 fuzzy translations.
ro:200 translated messages, 206 fuzzy translations, 2019 untranslated messages.
ru:2424 translated messages, 1 fuzzy translation.
sv:2120 translated messages, 268 fuzzy translations, 37 untranslated messages.
tl:15 translated messages, 26 fuzzy translations, 2384 untranslated messages.
vi:2423 translated messages, 2 fuzzy translations.
zh_CN:2158 translated messages, 253 fuzzy translations, 14 untranslated messages.
zh_TW:1065 translated messages, 596 fuzzy translations, 764 untranslated messages.

Do you find this useful? I intend to publish this on a regular basis,
as experience shows that such updates are very good to keep people
working on things..:-))

(please notice that the big number of "outdated" files in XML-based
translations may come from recent updates such as
"s/Mandrake/Mandrive" where the translated file headers haven't been
updated. Not sure of this, indeed)


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