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Re: next d-i meeting - 2010.10.20, 21h00 GMT

2010.10.20 - d-i meeting summary

Meetbot log  - http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-boot/2010/debian-
Full IRC log - http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-boot/2010/debian-

Here's a short summary from the meeting:

Current isues:

* Known blockers:
1 - zipl installation problem that makes s390 uninstalable
2 - data corruption due to os-prober (#599203)
3 - problems with yaboot for powerpc
4 - apt problem due to empty indexes (#600852)

* partman-zfs and partman-ufs are missing l10n integration.

* bubulle already uploaded rootskek to fix speakup issues. 
Iw will not be included in beta1. Needs to be documented in the errata.

* Also activated Icelandic language. 

* It was agreed to activate support for usb3 for squeeze as it's supported for 
the current kernel. Bug against kernel-wedge needs to be filled. For beta2 or 

* Joey Hess will continue to work on git conversion script.


* It was agreeded that is needed a coordinator for the installation manual.
Bubulle is willing to support building/releasing.

* It was proposed to integrate installation manual with already working l10n 
stats bot. This needs some work with perl scripts.

* Installation manual needs BSD-related information to be integrated.

* An installation errata needs to be created (elmig targeted/agreed to work on 

* Octavio will updated the website regarding next release.

* youpi agreed to update figures for the manual (installation size, number of 
packages, ...)

Next d-i release

*It was agreed that known critical problems discovered on beta1_tentative were 
solved, so...

* It was agreed to release d-i beta1 on 24~25 October 2010 *

* It was agreed that WPA/WPA2 work, if existing, will go for Squeeze+1.
There is already work for this: Kenshi's and eee pc images.

* It is needed to check tasks and validating CDs.

Next meeting

Next meeting will take place in 2 weeks. Details will follow on debian-boot.

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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