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[steve@einval.com: Re: Netinst ISO not bootable?]

Gah, too late for me. Should have sent this to d-boot, not d-user...

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Len wrote:
>On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 08:14:19PM +0930, Alexander Waldmann wrote:
>> I just downloaded the current daily build, netinstall ISO, amd64. When
>> I went to try and install it, it didn't boot. Instead, I got my current
>> install's GRUB menu. Similar story in another computer.
>> Just to confirm, I tried using the ISO in VirtualBox, and it didn't
>> recognize it as bootable either.
>> Oh dear.
>Yeah I saw the same thing yesterday.  The amd64/i386/powerpc netinst
>image wouldn't boot and neither would the amd64 only image.

Apologies, I re-factored some of the debian-cd code and left it
slightly broken. Should be fixed now!

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