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Re: using isohybrid for usb bootable isos

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> I've done some investigation of using isohybrid on an iso image (d-i
> alpha1 i386 netinst) to allow it to be booted from USB stick. Basically,
> postprocess the image with isohybrid, and write it direct to the usb
> stick. On the single machine I tried it on, that booted ok without any
> tweaking of isohybrid options.

Impressive work (as usual...).

I would be OK to commit all this but we first need a confirmation that
someone will be handling the work on the installation guide side:
calling for translation updates, monitoring I-G builds and releasing
the new installation guide.

CC'ing Felipe who, I think, is the best-suited person for this.

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