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Bug#445148: closed by Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> (Closing oldbug report against debian-installer #445148)

Quoting RPN01 (Nix.Robert@mayo.edu):
> I waited three years for ³Let us know if this happens again²?!? Gee...

I just closed 2000 installation reports, some dated much more than 3

So, yes sorry, we couldn't process all of them and some got
ignored. Particularly trying to reproduce S/390 bugs is not as easy as
just saying it.

In the case of such bugs, then the only option is telling people who
had such problems to try reproducing them with the current
installer. Particularly those who were due to partitions naming and
ordering need to be re-examined because general changes in the
installer behaviour wrt this. Not sure it affects S/390, though. 

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