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Bug#595944: IWBNI rescue mode provided cfdisk somehow

Package: rescue-mode 
Version: 1.24
Severity: wishlist

It would be nice to provide people with cfdisk in the rescue
environment.  There's already a cfdisk-udeb.

14:40 <col> ([cfdisk-udeb] isn't used by d-i, but you could make use of it
            manually if you were desperate)
14:41 <Diziet> col: That would be very useful on a rescue disk.
14:41 <Diziet> Most of the other partitioners are terrible; the d-i
               partitioner UI is OK but very clumsy.
14:42 <col> yes, perhaps so - if you want to file a bug on rescue-mode 
            suggesting that it offer that, I could look into it at
	    some point
14:42 <col> I don't think I'd want to offer partman when your goal did
            not include assigning mountpoints
14:42 <Diziet> I was thinking you'd just run it by hand from "run a
               shell in the installer enviroment" (or VC2)
14:43 <col> right, you could, but you'd have to say 'anna-install
            cfdisk-udeb' first
14:43 <col> it'd be sort of nice if it were a menu option


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