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Bug#595914: Bug-report / installation-report

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Quoting Jomei Ischowieda (lmu@poly-tick.de):

> The lspci-report was typed manually in this mail, so there might be misstakes (though I've run twice through it).
> Network card was not detected, I selected tg3 manually, but it wasn't working. Another tg3 from Broadcom wasn't working either (provided per USB-stick)
> Lenny wasn't able to cope with it either, but the graphic install was able to work with the screen, so I guess the ATI graphic driver is working. 
> BTW: It's very hard for a Windows administrator to try out Debian, for the documentation is little too nerdy. But I don't like Win7, so good luck to you guys!

Would you mind testing the daily built images which you can get from

I recommend choosing the netboot (*not netinst*) image.

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