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Bug#472704: Failure while configuring base packages -- But why?

Could someone change the title of this bug to something more explicit,
"Dependencies not fetched; unexplained failure"

(I know they are explained in debootstrap.log), and maybe raise its

Btw, I don't really understand the following concept:

      By default, debootstrap will attempt to automatically
      resolve any missing dependencies, warning if
      any are found.  Note that this is not a complete
      dependency resolve in the sense of dpkg  or  apt,
      and  that  it is far better to specify the entire base
      system than rely on this option.  With this
      option set, this behaviour is disabled.

What is the point of partially resolving deps ?

The issue is likely to be in the functions script :

resolve_deps () {
        local m1="${MIRRORS%% *}"

# XXX: I can't think how to deal well with dependency resolution and
        #      lots of Packages files. -- aj 2005/06/12
        c="${COMPONENTS%% *}"

This only keeps the first component, so if multiple components are used,
and a package from contrib is added in the list of required packages,
its dependencies _will_not_be_fetched_,
thus resulting in the error.


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