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Re: anna resolver and non-installable packages

[Aurelien Jarno]
> While testing the netboot version of debian-installer on
> GNU/kFreeBSD, I am facing an issue with non-installable packages
> that are installed anyway. The issue appears mainly with partman-*,
> though other non-installable packages are installed anyway. For
> example partman-lvm and partman-md complain that there is no lvm or
> raid support. The issue might at some point arise on GNU/Linux, as
> for example partman-ufs is not installable but installed.

If I remember correctly, Debian Edu depend on this behaviour to ensure
the same udeb can be used to order the main-menu entries for both DVD
and netinst CD installation.  The Debian Edu udeb have dependencies
that are missing on the DVD and only used when installing using PXE
and the netinst CD.

Because of this, I believe this should not be changed just before the
release and after the freeze, but instead early in the next release

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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