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Config for partman-auto/method string crypto?

Dear list members,

being new here and a non-developer I hope this is the right place for

After much trial and more error I can handle now PXE booting, d-i and a
fair bit of preseeding. My PXE preseed test files for LVM and for
RAID1+LVM setups are waiting to be adapted for the upcoming Squeeze i386
and amd64 installs.

However, I just cannot get the crypto variant working. Documentation is
scarce but what I found sounds as if a basic Crypto-LVM install, e.g.,
for a laptop, were no big deal. Whatever I try - the few examples from
the net, for Lenny, I assume, and my own attempts - installation always
stalls with "No root file system is defined", no partition table gets

If someone would care to share their functioning partitioning scheme for
a Crypto-LVM setup with the current Squeeze installer, I'd be very

Or should the Lenny setups work, and I ought to send a debug log?


Andreas v. Heydwolff

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