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Bug#593146: installation-reports: Grub Config/Install gives prompts in wrong order -

Quoting Keith Ward (keith@chaos-realm.net):
> Package: installation-reports
> Severity: important
> Tags: d-i
> When installing using the netinst, just before doing the apt software install it pops up a message box, stating that it doesn't recognise the bootloader configuration (which is odd as for one its 

Many thanks for your report.

You should try using something else than alpha1 netinst. GRUB was
changed deeply since alpha1 was released and the netinst image
includes grub packages as they were by the time of that release.

Could you try using either the businesscard alpha1 (GRUB ad
grub-installer packages will then be those currently in testing) or,
even better, the current daily builds and particularly the *netboot*
daily build.

If that solves your issue, then I suggest you close this bug report
(by sending a mail to 593146-done@bugs.d.o).

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