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Bug#592899: cdebconf: please move newt frontend to its own binary package

Package: cdebconf
Severity: wishlist


cdebconf currently depends on libnewt and libslang2 because of the newt

On Sid both libraries together require more than two MB disk space:

    $ dpkg -s libslang2 libnewt0.52 | egrep 'Package:|Installed-Size:'
    Package: libslang2
    Installed-Size: 1264
    Package: libnewt0.52
    Installed-Size: 960

Please consider splitting the package to get rid of these dependencies
in minimal installations.

I thought about something similar to debconf-i18n and debconf-english:

    Package: cdebconf
    Depends: cdebconf-newt | cdebconf-tiny, ...

This will of course only become relevant after it became possible to
replace debconf with cdebconf.


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