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How to configure a package (e.g.: nodm) for the "normal user"?

I'm working on a "Smartphone" task that'll install, amongst other
packages, e17 and nodm.
I need to configure nodm, telling it which user to run X for.

I first thought about a task-specific configure script, and
found /usr/lib/tasksel/info.
But it runs in the target, and so, can't access the passwd/username
debconf value...
I then thought about guessing from passwd (getting the list of users
with id >= 1000 and if there is one and only one, configure nodm for
it), but the user is only created in finish-install...

So, how should I do that? In pre-pkgsel.d? In finish-install? In any
other udeb?
I don't really like this idea as it is really a task (maybe even
package) specific issue...

Hm... maybe the users can be set up at the end of base-install instead
of finish-install? Is there any reason for that?

Thibaut Girka.

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