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Marcos wrote:

> Hi! One question, please.
> - Asturian added <...> (Not activated, no NSIS translation)
> What's meaning "not activated, no NSIS translation"? Will Win32 not
> include the asturian?
> Thanks very much!

Hi Marcos, 

this means that despite the fact that the Asturian translation has been 
included on the NSIS side, the nsis package in Debian doesn't have it, which 
implies that win32-loader won't be displayed in Asturian.

I included your translation to win32-loader, but the power to make it work 
is not in my hands, but in NSIS upstream's (to get a new release out) and/or 
in nsis maintainers' (who could maybe backport it).

Please be assured that the day (well, more or less) that nsis with Asturian 
translation is uploaded to Debian, win32-loader will activate it !



P.S. That might mean that formally the bug is not closed, but as it is not 
really a problem of win32-loader but of nsis, …

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