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Bug#591278: debian-installer: confusing questions on GRUB installation

On Sun, Aug 01, 2010 at 01:46:24PM -0400, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Jan Heitkötter (usenet-10@heitkoetter.net):
> > I installed squeeze using the netinst iso within VirtualBox. Late in the 
> > installation process there's some confusion about setting up GRUB. d-i 
> > asks me whether I want to proceed without installing GRUB. If I choose 
> > "No", the question plainly pop up again. If I choose "yes", d-i scans 
> > for other operating systems and, after that, asks me whether GRUB should 
> > be installed to MBR. From this point on, everything is fine.
> > 
> > This behaviour is rather confusing, I don't understand why it asks me 
> > whether to proceed without GRUB installation in the first place.

I'm guessing that you're using the Alpha 1 netinst?  This is essentially
desynchronisation between grub2 and grub-installer; I believe that
grub-installer 1.51 should fix this, so perhaps you could try with a
somewhat more current netinst (e.g.
and see if it's reproducible with that?

> All this more comes from the GRUB package(s) that are currently being
> polished by GRUB maintainers. I suggest closing the bug report as I'm
> not even sure that reassigning it to grub2 (or grub-legacy) would be
> anything but a hassle for the poor guy currently doing this (Hi
> Colin!).

For the record it's entirely fine to reassign bugs to grub2 if that's
where they're believed to belong (although in this case grub-installer
would be more appropriate).  A couple more won't make much difference.


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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