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Bug#589579: debian-installer: i386 kernel flavour selection is poor

On Sunday 18 July 2010, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> 3. The 686 flavour is considered unsuitable for some AMD K7 processors
> Problem 3 appears to be due to a workaround for an incorrect kernel
> configuration.  The comment on this exclusion is 'May not have SSE
> support', but this has never been a requirement for the 686 flavour.
> (The Pentium Pro and Pentium II don't have SSE either.)

This has been discussed, changed, and revisited several times. There have 
been long threads about it and IIRC also various bug reports from users.

Can you really *guarantee* that 686 will work with *all* K7 processors?
I've not checked the archives, but I'm not sure whether SSE support really 
was the reason for the current code, or whether there were also other 

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