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Bug#589404: installation-reports: Squeeze fails to configure monitor

reassign 589404 xserver-xorg

Quoting Chris Barnard (cbarn@westnet.com.au):

> Comments/Problems:
> Failed to configure display to 1440 x 900.  Config was 4 x 3 aspect ratio; sorry I don't remember exactly which numbers. I was 
> surprised because Lenny gets it right with no problems and a HP laptop with the same 1440 x 900 is working with Squeeze.  Text based 
> install went flawlessly except for display config which I don't know enough to work around.

Thanks for your report.

This issue is more related to the X.org server than the installer
itself. Hence reassigning this bug report.

You may need to add information about your system. Probably sending
/var/log/Xorg.0.log would be good already.

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