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Bug#589379: Unable to install Ubuntu because old LVM pvolume appear after automatic partitioning

Package: debian-installer? partman-* ? don't know
Version: Ubuntu 10.04 installer.

I send this bug-report to you, as the partman-auto package maintained
by debian bug tracker (https://launchpad.net/partman-auto)

I Unable to install Ubuntu 10.04 server because old LVM pvolume appear
after automatic partitioning.

How to reproduce:
1. Install Ubuntu to automatic LVM partitions
2. On other computer, just overwrite DOS partition table with another
one, or just clear it.
3. Try to install Ubuntu again. After automatic partitioning it will
see LVM partitions created on step 1! But it will try to issue
pvcreate which fail due to existing logical volumes.

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