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Re: Bug#571045: syslinux: Incorrect display of boot screen image in D-I

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (13/07/2010):
> I'm going to send a follow-up with the new files (to -boot@
> only). Not sure what the mail size limit is (if any) on that list.

As promised.


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by Mark Riedesel, license same as open use logo

Resized to address syslinux's #571045 by Cyril Brulebois

To create klowner.rle:

  1. convert klowner.png klowner.bmp
  2. bmptoppm < klowner.bmp | ppmtolss16 '#FBFDFA=7' > klowner.rle

     (FBFDFA is the color used for the inside of the "n" in Debian.)

Alternatively (e.g. if bmptoppm fails):

  1. save klowner.png as klowner.ppm in Gimp.
  2. ppmtolss16 '#FBFDFA=7' < klowner.ppm > klowner.rle

Tools as of July 2010:
 - convert    is shipped in imagemagick
 - bmptoppm   is shipped in netpbm
 - ppmtolss16 is shipped in syslinux-common

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