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Re: I am deeply disappointed

So everything worked and you didn't had to solve problems by hand?

Em 12-07-2010 10:27, Stephen Gran escreveu:
Hi there,

So, I've just installed squeeze on a lenovo x201.  I have to say, I am
once again, thoroughly disappointed by the experience.

When I first installed slink, I started with a pile of floppies and a
second computer so that I would have reference to documentation and so
on.  I had to manually manage IRQ assignments to allow my scsi card and
disk to even be seen at all.  I had to compile my nic driver on the
second machine, copy it over by floppy and insmod it, in order to be
able to do a network install.  I had to hand-craft an XF86Config, that
promptly broke on upgrade to potato.  Those were great days.

I was worried that this install would have none of the fun I remember
from installing Debian, as I have heard rumors that things have become
easier, but I had hopes that things would turn out ok in the end.  This
is a new laptop after all - I was looking forward to VESA mode X (or
better yet, none at all), no working peripherals, no functional hotkeys,
etc.  Supend and resume - hah!  That was something I was looking forward
to fixing in the coming weeks.

But no, you continue to deeply disappoint me.  I think the most fun part
of the install was typing in my password.  To be fair, some of this is
not wholly to be blamed on the installer team - the kernel and X teams
have their fair share of the blame for this.  I know that at least some
members of those teams read this list, so hopefully they will see my
complaint and correct their erroneous ways.  Now I am going to have to
spend the next several days actually getting work done instead of making
my new laptop vaguely functional.

Thanks - you guys rock!


Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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