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Bug#588773: debootstrap: cannot use fakechroot variant

Package: debootstrap
Version: 1.0.23, 1.0.12

* --variant=fakechroot is mentionned in the manpage, but no example
  command-line is provided, so the user is left with trial-and-error
  (which is annoyingly long when using a remote mirror)

* the only way in which I could launch it is:

$ fakeroot fakechroot debootstrap --variant=fakechroot
lenny /tmp/lenny-test

But then it fails with:

W: Failure trying to run: chroot /tmp/lenny-test dpkg
--install /var/cache/apt/archives/base-files_5lenny6_i386.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/base-passwd_3.5.20_i386.deb

* re-running the same command without removing the WIP chroot gives no
  error, but then fails silently, which is bad since it could leave
  the user thinking that "this time it worked":

I: Validating zlib1g
I: Chosen extractor for .deb packages: dpkg-deb
I: Extracting libacl1...
I: Extracting libattr1...
I: Extracting base-files...
localadm@chalon:~$ echo $?

Yann Dirson - Bertin Technologies

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