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Bug#588642: Debian-Installer Cant find onboard NIC

Package:Debian Installer 6.0 Alpha1 release
Version:Linux testing "squeeze" - official snapshot i386 NETINST Binary-1 20100217-22:18
New System:
    Intel DP55KG Extreme Motherboard
    Intel i5-750 Quad Processor (2.65 GHz)
    4 GB 1333Mhz memory
    e1000e internal NIC based on 82578DC Chip set
    PCIe Express bussing

Problem occures in both the Lenny and Sqeeze 6.0 Alpha1 disks.

1 Select install
2 Select Engish, US etc
3 Loading sequence , detect hardware, cdrom scan
4 Screen saying: No eternet card detected. If you now the name of the driver needed by your ethernet card , you can select it from the list.
5 Select e1000e driver and hit enter
Program keeps cycling back through the same page.
It appears that the on board NIC is not being detected by the installer.

Gary Roach

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