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Re: Multi-arch netinst getting too big

On Friday 09 July 2010, Ian Campbell wrote:
> In light of Frans' concern perhaps consider dropping 686 instead of 486?
> I think that will result in 686-bigmem being installed on systems which
> would have previously got 686 (I can confirm if necessary). This isn't
> necessarily a bad thing -- it enables NX support for one thing which is
> generally desirable.

Last I know is that -bigmem is significantly slower on a lot of hardware 
than the plain 686 kernel. Also, in most cases the 64-bit -amd64 flavor
is a *lot* better choice for most i386 users that have systems that have 
large memory or want NX support.

We've had this discussion before! Multiple times.

> FWIW RHEL 6 (the beta at least) ships with only a PAE (aka 686-bigmem)
> kernel, I guess things are heading that way generally.

I don't really care that much what RH does TBH. And I don't believe it's 
true anyway: things are moving towards 64-bit, not 32-bit with NX.

Isn't perl going to be dropping from the netinsts now and won't that be 

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