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Bug#587493: choose-mirror: Strange wget error message in the installation log

On Tuesday 29 June 2010, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> In Debian Edu, we automatically search for error: in the installation
> log to detect errors during installation.

Then it seems you need to make an exception for this error.

> When PXE installing, I get this one:
>   Jun 28 23:18:29 main-menu[555]: (process:2840): wget: server returned
>     error: HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found

So, one wget results in a 404. As choose-mirror tries various possible 
suites and codenames and wgets are used for other purposes as well, a 404 
is always a possibility.

> It is a bogus error message that is creating noise and confusion in
> the Debian Edu test installation.

It's not bogus. It's a useful message for troubleshooting and debugging.
The only thing that is a pity is that logging of the error messages to 
stderr gets delayed until the component completes.

> The URLs in the log seem to work, so I do not understand why wget is
> complaining.  Is there some other wget calls that are not reported to
> the log?

Did you check the code?

> The only wget calls I find in choose-mirror do not throw away error
> messages.  Perhaps they should?  If so, this untested patch should
> implement it:

NACK. The errors are too useful to suppress.

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