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Bug#587150: [syslinux] Bug#587150: #587150: d-i netinst cd doesn't boot, isolinux error: further investigation

"Helmut Hullen" <Hullen@t-online.de> writes:

> The simpliest way for me might be some download addresses for several  
> *.iso images which I can test.
> Thinkpad T22, T23, T40

The image which fails to boot on the submitter's T23 is


having the following md5sum:

7f9b92a8f41da4ef60054aacb83845a6  debian-testing-i386-netinst.iso

It will hopefully stay available for some more days.

> I've just tried compiling syslinux-4.00-pre63 for slackware using the  
> Build script from 3.84: it finished with the error message

I see this is solved already.

> Am I right that I don't need to compile syslinux-4.00? The package seems  
> to contain all the files a compiling run would make too.

You are right.

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