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Re: Bug#583388: Non-US keyboard problem with graphical installer

*Julien Cristau* wrote:
>> Actually I don't know where to find all the snapshots of Debian CDs.
>> I could try Squeeze Alpha1, but I can't find an image with the
>> graphical installer included (nor netinst, nor businesscard, nor
>> CD1).
>> Any hint about that?
> http://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/amd64/ seems to have a number of
> older daily builds, so the netboot/gtk/mini.iso in each of them should
> get you the right image.

Here's the result of my tests.

20100326 -> 20100626: problem present. I've checked 1 image every ~15
days, always with the same result. I couldn't try images around
20100501, because my mouse has not been recognized.

20091231 -> 20100325: no graphical installer present.

20091001 -> 20091201: impossible to test. It doesn't work with
VirtualBox: a long series of Gtk-CRITICAL errors appears.

It seems that the graphical installer was disabled around Squeeze
Alpha1, and that the following images with the graphical installer
enabled again have this problem.

Sorry for the double message. I forgot to click "Reply to All" instead
of "Reply".

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