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Re: CD-ROM not found, then hard disk not found


On Sat, 26 Jun 2010 14:51:25 +1200 Grant Allan <southernbamboo@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am trying to install debian for the first time.  I downloaded debian-amd64
> 5.04 installer images and made DVDs.
> I booted with disk one in the DVD drive.  Early on in the process, the
> installer says "No common CD-ROM was detected".
> I worked around this by taking the DVD out of the DVD drive, and instead
> inserting it into a USB DVD drive that I plugged into the PC.
> The installer found the DVD in this new location, and continued.
> But now a new error:  "No disk drive was detected".
> Questions:
> Does the combination of both these errors pinpoint a particular problem?
> Is it possible that my hardware is too new for debian 5.04 (I just bought it
> a week ago), and that I just need to wait for a new version to come out?

Yes, it seems your disc controller (most likely SATA) is not supported by
"Debian stable" (5.04).
That's why both the DVD drive and the harddisc are not found.

You could try a Debian testing installation disc:
(Note, that this is not recommended for production systems, as this
installs a development snapshot of the debian distribution!)


Try the alpha1 release or a daily build.
You could try the netinst cd for example as a first test to find out,
if that installation system supports your hardware.

If you don't want to install "Debian testing", it would be fine, if you could
give it a try nevertheless, to help testing the next release of Debian.
If your DVD and harddisc are detected, everything is fine, if you reach the
harddisc partioning step without that error messages you got with the 5.04 DVD,
you can abort the test at this position.
Or go further and install "Debian testing", as you like.

If your DVD and harddisc are not detected, try a daily build.
If your DVD and harddisc are still not detected with the daily build, please send
a mail to the debian-boot list, to help improving the Debian distribution.



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