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Localization status for Debian Installer (June 26th update)

I'll be away for most of the week-ends, trying to run faster than
wolves in French woods (http://www.tracesduloup.com/), so to keep
translators with some work to do, here's the D-I l10n status. Only 8
days left to complete level 1.

To translators who completed level 1, how about looking at other
levels? http://d-i.debian.org/l10n-stats/

In very short:
53 languages are in good shape (+4)
12 languages are in danger of being deactivated (-4)
1 new language very close to be activated!

- Basque, Dzongkha, Indonesian, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Latvian, 
  Polish completed
- Persian nearly complete (huge activity from the Persian localization team)

The safe side
41 languages are complete (+10):
ar ast bg bn bs cs da de dz eo es eu fi fr ga gl gu he hi id it ja kk km
ko lt lv mr nb pa pl pt ro ru sk sl sv th tr zh_CN zh_TW

5 languages were complete before hw-detect changes in sublevel 3 (-3):
el et nl ta vi
(reminder mailed on June 6th)

1 language was complete before changes to sublevels 5 and 3 (+0):
(reminder mailed on June 6th)

1 language complete for all sublevels but sublevel 3 (+0):

The "nearly safe" side
5 languages have a few strings to update in sublevels 1 to 3 but have
recently active translators who will probably easy cope with them (+0):
be ca hu nn pt_BR 
(be: reminder mailed on June 6th for sublevels 3 and 5)
(ca: only missing sublevel 3 -18f16u-, reminder mailed June 6th, ACK'ed)
(nn: reminder mailed June 6th for sublevels 2-5)
(pt_BR: reminder mailed June Tth for sublevels 2-5, ACK on June 10th)
(hu: progress on June 15th)

The unsafe side
4 languages had a few updates since lenny but not on a regular
basis (-1).
 These languages are at risk of being deactivated for Squeeze if they
 are not complete for sublevels 1 and 2:
am ml tl uk
(am: completed sublevel 1 on June 15th)
(uk: completed sublevel 4 on June 15th, updated sl1 16th, updated sl2 23rd)
(ml,tl: mailed June 15th)

4 languages were complete in lenny but had no update since then (-3).
 These languages are at risk of being deactivated for Squeeze if they
 are not complete for sublevels 1 and 2:
hr mk ne wo
(mail to as many ppl as possible: June 15th)

4 active languages are in bad shape (+0) 
 They were not complete for lenny and had no update since *before* the
 release of lenny. They're at risk of being deactivated except se which
 is an "historical "exception. Stats for sublevels 1 and 2:

093%  ku
093%  sr
092%  cy
024%  se

The "prospective" side
Prospective languages are languages that are not yet
activated. They'll be activated if they reach 100% for sublevels 1 and 2.

2 Prospective language are doing progress(+0). Stats for sublevels 1 and 2:
071%  fa
071%  kn 

10 Prospective languages are stalled(+0). Stats for sublevels 1 and 2:
097%  si (P)
075%  is (P)
069%  ms (P)
043%  br (P)
024%  te (P)
023%  mg (P)
015%  xh (P)
013%  ur (P)
003%  hy (P)
000%  lo (P) 


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