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Bug#587133: usb-discover: FTBFS: Nonexistent build-dependency: discover1-data

[Lucas Nussbaum]
>> E: Couldn't find package discover1-data

The discover-data source package no longer create the discover1-data
binary package, as its primary user discover1 has been dropped from
the archive as obsolete.

The scripts used to generate the discover1-data files from the
discover-data files still exist, thought, and I if discover-data is a
useful source of information for usb-discover, the scripts can be
reused to generate pci.lst if needed.

But given that the kernel module information in discover-data is no
longer being maintained (the lists from the kernel is better
maintained and udev handle kernel module loading better than
discover), I suspect it is better for usb-discover to use a different
source for its information.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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