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WPA support in installer: netcfg and wpasupplicant patches

Will the Squeeze installer support WPA?

For some time, Glenn Saberton's patches have been available to support WPA, but discussing this with Otavio on irc, he reminded me that we need changes not only to netcfg, but also wpasupplicant. Here's the last message I could find dealing with the topic:


Unfortunately, only a patch for netcfg was provided at that time, and in any case, the patch would undoubtedly need to be brought up-to-date again.

The git repos for both netcfg and wpasupplicant (now very out of date) are here:


It would be nice if this could make it into Squeeze, as one of the distinctive features of the custom installer we (the Debian Eee PC team) made for Lenny was that you could install over WPA. Because of the ultraportability of these machines and lack of optical drive, we found many people wanted to be able to install wherever they were from the network, and that mostly meant using wireless. But we are dropping support for this custom installer in Squeeze and now recommend that people use the standard installer instead, so without support in the standard installer, our users are now faced with a loss in functionality.


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