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Mass update to Indonesion translations...is missing one fuzzy string.. plus potential consistency concerns...

Quoting Arief S Fitrianto (arief-guest@alioth.debian.org):
> Author: arief-guest
> Date: Mon Jun 21 00:31:12 2010
> New Revision: 63518
> Log:
> Indonesian translation update
> Modified:
>    trunk/packages/po/sublevel1/id.po
>    trunk/packages/po/sublevel2/id.po
>    trunk/packages/po/sublevel3/id.po
>    trunk/packages/po/sublevel4/id.po
>    trunk/packages/po/sublevel5/id.po

Thanks a lot, Arief, for resyncing Indonesian translations.

Apparently, you missed one string:

#. :sl5:
#: ../s390-dasd.templates:2001
#, fuzzy
msgid "Choose device:"
msgstr "Memilih disk:"

I'd also ask ytou to review other places in this sublevel5 file where
"disk" has been replaced by "device" in English. Your translation is
apparently keeping "disk" in several places, while others don't have
it. I fear some consistency problems. Do you mind double-checking
this? I don't know if you ahve the right word in Indonesian for
"device" but using "disk" is probably not the best option, as the s390
machines do not "see" physical disks but only devices.

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