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Bug#586434: Let's clean the apt cache

On Sunday 20 June 2010, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Maybe, for more corner cases where keepign the cache would be
> good, could we have a low priority option (or a preseed-only choice)
> to *not* clean the cache?

I don't think it has anything to do with user choice or preseeding. Making 
this a debconf option makes absolutely no sense IMO.

The only reason I see to keep the cache is when some packages (after 
base-installer) fail to install. If we want to cover that case it should 
be detected automatically by testing the result of tasksel [1]. The final 
cleanup could be omitted in that case.

[1] Checking installation of packages using apt-install is much harder to 
do as there are many different calls and failure may be expected in some 
cases. It also gains much less as their total size is much less.

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