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Bug#586428: Please clear the apt cache

[Martin Michlmayr]
> Would it be a major problem simply to use a web proxy instead? (Just
> curious).

For some sites, yes. :)
For others, no.

We do provide a squid proxy already as part of Debian Edu, but as this
reuse of the apt cache is an optimization, it should be fairly obvious
that it is a worse optimisation to have to download the packages
twice, even if it is from a proxy. :)

Also, the Debian Edu proxy can't be used to install the proxy server,
which might also include the LTSP chroot, and thus it is at least one
common setup where reusing the apt cache is wanted.

Is it a major problem to wait until finish-install to clear the cache?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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