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Supressing warning in debian-installer

Hi Debian-fans,

I'd like to use the debian-installer to automatically install computers in
the network of our institute. I modified a Squeeze-Netinst CD to fetch a
preseed-script from an internal webserver. This works very well - however -
some error message is displayed always (which requires the user to press
[Return]) and it seems to be difficult getting rid of it:

  Boot loader configuration check needed
   The boot loader configuration for this system was not recognized. These
   settings in the configuration may need to be updated:
    * The root device ID passed as a kernel parameter;
    * The boot device ID used to install and update the boot loader.

   You should generally identify these devices by UUID or
   label. However, on MIPS systems the root device must be identified by

I found the error message in linux-base's debconf template file and added
this rule the the preseed-script:

 linux-base linux-base/disk-id-manual-boot-loader seen true

Unfortunately this doesn't work. Automatic installation shows in tty4:

 preseed: error: Cannot find question for linux-base/disk-id-manual-boot-loader

which seems to lead to

 main-menu[532]: INFO: Menu item 'bootstrap-base' succeeded but requested \
  to be left unconfigured.

What can I do to make the installation 100% non-interactive?

Thank you for any help,



Frank Burkhardt <burk@cbs.mpg.de> /"\  phone: +49 341 9940-142
Max Planck Institute for Human    \ /    ASCII Ribbon Campain
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