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Re: Re (2): lilo removal in squeeze / new lilo upstream

On: Sun, 06 Jun 2010 17:44:05 -0400 (EDT), William Pitcock wrote:
> "Joachim Wiedorn" <ad_debian@joonet.de> wrote:
>> I see that more people than thought still want to have or need LiLO.
>> Now I have decided to start and reanimate the upstream development.
>> Everyone is invited to join in this development.  I'm working on LiLO
>> version 23.  Shortly with more informations ...
> Have fun.  When you have a release that actually has merit, it can be
> reconsidered for inclusion in Debian.

What is your definition of "merit", William?  And why does
the current release not have it?
> In the meantime, the original plan continues.

The original plan was based on false assumptions.  Why would you
continue with a plan based on false assumptions?  We now have a
release of lilo with (a) an active upstream maintainer, and (b) no
release critical bugs.  If you simply don't want to be a Debian
package maintainer for lilo anymore, why not ask for volunteers to
take over for you?

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