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Re: Spam cleaning effort: May 2010

On Friday 04 June 2010, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > I marked 20. Maybe I'm too strict -- which ones aren't spam?
> All are. Your list helped me spotting two spams I initially
> missed...Thanks for taking care to send your list.

This is the second time you've missed spams others have found.

IMO this proves a feeling I've had before: we should *not* worry about how 
many spams one individual person finds, but trust that the process will 
get them all marked in the end.

Telling others how many spams you have found (either here or in the wiki) 
adds no value, but only risks that others will stop when the find the same 
number and increases the effort for others as it makes them do extra 
counting and leads to these discussions which are of very limited value.

For the future let's just have everybody make their own best effort 
independent of others. IMO the existing "numbers of spams found in a 
month" should be removed from the wiki page.


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