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Re: Bug#584201: debian-installer: KDE expert graphical netinst doesn't create users or set root password

[Aaron Goldblatt]
> The installer asks for the root password, but does not set it.
> The installer asks to create a user. User info is provided,
> including password, but the user is not created.
> Shadow passwords are enabled. Root login is enabled.

Sound like the user-setup part of the finish-install.d scripts is not
executed.  The root password is gathered in the postinst, and set in
the finish-install.d script.

Can you provide the last 500 lines of the installation log,
/var/log/installer/syslog, to make it possible to try to figure out
what is going on?

I have not investigated the issue, just wanted to provide some
pointers for those that got time to look into this.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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