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Bug#583993: discover-pkginstall: Recommends ipw3954-source, which no longer exists

[Felipe Sateler]
> Yes, ipw* should not be proposed anymore.

You did not answer when it happen, so I suspect it might have happened
after Lenny.  If that is the case, I suspect the entries should be
changed to versioned entries looking like this:

    <data class='package'>
      <data class='debian'>
        <data version='[3.0, 5.0) class='name'>ipw3945-source</data>

I'll commit such change to svn.

What about the entries listing the ipw3945d package.  Is it still
useful for hardware using the iwlwifi module?

I welcome patches for discover from someone knowing more about the
wireless stuff in debian than me. :)

> Instead, firmware-iwlwifi should be. But that's another bug
> (#464968).

Firmware packages seem to be handled already by the installer, so I am
not sure if is useful to try to duplicate it in discover with the
current man-power available. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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