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Bug#583940: discover-data: Suggesting Argyll for colorimeters

tags 583940 + patch
tags 583940 + pending

[Roland Mas]
> I suggest including USB vendor/device ids from the argyll package.
> They are ids for colorimeters used to calibrate monitors for color
> management, and Argyll is the software driving them and calculating
> profiles based on their measurements.  Installing the argyll package
> would probably be a good choice, but if discover-pkginstall is able
> to do suggestions as well, I'd add gnome-color-manager.

Thank you for the proposal.

Not quite sure which IDs you have in mind.  I've added the ID you
provided.  Are there more?

I've committed this patch to svn.

Index: usb-device.xml
--- usb-device.xml      (revision 1481)
+++ usb-device.xml      (working copy)
@@ -831,6 +831,16 @@
   <device vendor='0846' model='1001' model_name='EA101 Ethernet [klsi]' busclass='0206'/>
   <device vendor='0854' model='0100' model_name='I/O Board' busclass='0000'/>
   <device vendor='0854' model='0101' model_name='I/O Board, rev1' busclass='0000'/>
+  <device vendor='085c' model='0200' model_name='Monitor Spyder' busclass='0000'>
+    <data class='package'>
+      <data class='debian'>
+       <!-- BTS report #583940 -->
+        <data class='name'>argyll</data>
+      </data>
+      <data class='last-updated'>2010-05-31</data>
+      <data class='last-updated-by'>pere@hungry.com</data>
+    </data>
+  </device>
   <device vendor='0871' model='0001' model_name='SDDR-01 Compact Flash Reader' busclass='0000'/>
   <device vendor='0871' model='0002' model_name='SDDR-31 Compact Flash Reader' busclass='0000'/>
   <device vendor='0871' model='0005' model_name='SDDR-05 Compact Flash Reader' busclass='0000'/>
Index: usb-vendor.xml
--- usb-vendor.xml      (revision 1481)
+++ usb-vendor.xml      (working copy)
@@ -744,6 +744,7 @@
   <vendor id="0858" name="Hitachi Maxell Ltd"/>
   <vendor id="0859" name="Minolta Systems Laboratory Inc"/>
   <vendor id="085a" name="Xircom"/>
+  <vendor id="085c" name="ColorVision, Inc."/>
   <vendor id="0862" name="Teletrol Systems Inc"/>
   <vendor id="0863" name="Filanet Corp"/>
   <vendor id="086a" name="Emagic Soft-und Hardware GmbH"/>

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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