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Bug#583733: tasksel: please install kde-config-tablet if a tablet is found

On Sunday 30 May 2010, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> > > Please install kde-config-tablet if a tablett (wacom-like)_is found
> > > and the user is installing kde task.
> >
> > Why not always, so that a wacom tablet that's plugged in later can
> > still be configured?
> I guess that could be done. it was just 'why install it if not used'..
> But then I looked in system settings and saw it showed up in the same
> category as 'joystick', which is installed by default and probably even
> more rarely used compared to a tablet.
> So I guess installing it unconditionally is okay.

In that case it should be a Recommends from one of the KDE meta packages 
and not installed by tasksel. Please reassign accordingly.

Note that tasksel *does* now install Recommends by default (if available).

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