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Bug#580709: oldsys-preseed: add support for Buffalo Linkstation Pro/Live platform

* Ryan Tandy <tarpman@gmail.com> [2010-05-07 15:28]:
> The attached patch adds support in oldsys-preseed for the Linkstation
> Pro/Live platform, similar to Kurobox Pro which is already supported.
> This support is necessary for network-console to start without user
> interaction, which is important when a serial console is not available.
> Comments in the patch describe a caveat regarding preseeding from the
> factory default software with a static network configuration.

I guess this patch is also fine.

Can you send a sample /etc/melco/info file so I can test the script?

Also, it would be great to add a test case to tests/arm

Having said this, I've recently started to wonder whether
oldsys-preseed really is worth the effort on devices that default to
DHCP.  Maybe in those cases we should not parse the config, but simply
create a preseed file that does DHCP and falls back to some address.
This would simply things a lot.  And it might make sense for the LS,
which uses XFS by default, which we cannot read.

But on the other hand, given that you've already written the parsing
code, I don't see much harm in sticking it into oldsys-preseed.

Martin Michlmayr

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