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Re: new udeb btrfs-tools-udeb

Bastian Blank wrote:
> There was a udeb uploaded some months ago: btrfs-tools-udeb. I was not
> able to find any discussion about this matter.
> Please provide references as new udebs are only allowed with approval of
> the debian-installer team.

I'm not aware of any such policy; there's no mention of such a requirement
in the developers reference or debian policy manual. 

The btrfs-tools-udeb has still not been uploaded AFAICS. #567075 is
still open. I'm puzzled that the git repository claims 0.19-11 was
released, but the archive still has 0.19-8. Surely it's not been stuck
in NEW for months?

I was distracted from adding btrfs to d-i due to the btrfs/dpkg data
loss issue (now fixed). Colin just did some work on grub that should fix
#540786. The other bug that needs to be fixed is #567176, basic parted
support to recognize the filesystem. There is already a patch for that.

On the d-i side, all that should need to be done for basic root on btrfs
support, once the above three bugs are fixed in testing is:

* Generate a btrfs-modules udeb. (trivial, I lost my patches though)
* Test partman-btrfs (I never tested it at all, but it should mostly

btrfs apparently still has issues when disk space gets low, so I'd only
consider it as an experimental option. It is pretty cool though to think
about how d-i could define the right set of subvolumes and make it
really easy to write a script that rolled back dpkg upgrades.

see shy jo

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