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Bug#582044: [hw-detect] Detecting hardware hangs in sony netbook

severity 582044 normal

Quoting Jon Ander Peñalba (jonan.debian@gmail.com):
> Package: hw-detect
> Version: daily build
> Severity: grave
> I'm trying to install Debian from the daily netinstall (17 May 2010) with an
> USB on a Sony Vaio [1] and the installer hangs when scanning hard drives for
> an installer ISO image.
> It jumps directly to 95% and doesn't move from there. All I can see in the
> screen is "Detecting hardware, please wait..."

Have you tried switching to another console (Alt+F4)? There should be
some debugging output there.

Can you post the URL from where you got the netinst ISO image?

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